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Honey & Honeycomb 500g

Honey & Honeycomb 500g


Here is our beautiful 100% Raw, Natural, Untouched, Unheated and Untreated honey, that comes straight from the hive to the jar, literally! We believe in leaving our honey the way our bees intend it to be, and aim to produce the most ethical, sustainable and natural honey possible, through using Flow Hive technology. 


Why not take our Honey to the next level by adding our decedant Honeycomb with it!


Have trouble picking between Honey & Honeycomb?  Now you dont have to! 


Enjoy our Honey & Honeycomb roasted veggies, on your cereal, in a face mask, on a cheese platter, on a cake or icecream!


No matter which way you choose to have your 'beyond' honey, every jar has a different flavour profile making ever jar a little surprise!

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