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Beyond Honey is not just about producing and selling honey, our dreams and goals for our business are to educate, challenge and bring awareness to all the ways in which every single person can make changes in their daily lives that can save our bees, and in turn help our natural environment! We depend on bees, as well as our our natural environment does, and we need to make choices in our everyday lives that align with helping our natural world and the amazing insects that keep food on our table! 

Buying Honey from a sustainable and ethical Beekeeper is not the only thing you can do to support and save our bees, here is a list of things you can do right now to join the fight to save one of the most important species on our planet, and save the planet at the same time!


Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Pesticides, Bug Killig Sprays & Weed Killers, as well as harsh household cleaners can be extremely harmful to bees and the plants/ flowers that they feed from, and our environment in general. Opting for natural remedies is a way you can help our bees and our planet to fight the affects of climate change and animal extinction. 


Plant Bee Friendly Garden

Planting herbs and flowers that bees love and are attracted to including Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Sunflowers, Oregano & Echinacea, every single person can play a part in helping our bees not just survive, but thrive in nature, as well as helping your garden flourish! By planting more bee friendly plants we are not just helping our bees, but we are saving our planet as well!


Ditch Single Use Items/Products

Single-Use plastics are a massive threat to the survival of our planet, its animals & humans. Australia alone uses 6.9 BILLION plastic bags a YEAR. By ditching Single-Use plastics we can stop polluting our land, oceans and planet and let nature & its animals bloom and flourish as they once did, and save humans from self destruction.

Wooden Toothbrushes

Choose Sustainable

Sustainability as a definition is 'the ability to exist constantly.' Therefore by choosing food sources, such as honey, fish, meat and vegetables, & choosing sustainable practices we can ensure that nature and its animals and ourselves have 'the ability to exist constantly' and even flourish. 

Swarm of Bees

Learn About Bees & Our Planet

Bees have an irreplaceable role in our natural world, as almost 90% of wild plants & 75% of global crops depend on animal pollination! The work of bees and other pollinators is integral to the survival and regeneration of our planet, combating the destruction humans have caused. 

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