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To be a change and difference in the way apiarists have been practising for hundreds of years. 

Beyond Honey was born with a dream to produce the purest, most ethical and sustainable honey possible, using Flow Hive technology, straight from the hive to the bottle, literally!



Beyond Honey is a small Sunshine Coast business that aims to bring our ethical and sustainable Flow Hive honey and honey products to our customers.


As a business, we aim to have total business transparency, so our customers know exactly how and why their products are made, and the origins of their food.


Beyond Honey is the birth of a new generation of apiarists that endeavours to be a positive step forward to modern beekeeping.

Through using the modern technology of Flow Hive, it allows us to let our fuzzy girls do what they do best, and keep honey the way they intend it to be.


As a business, we take it as our personal responsibility to have our main focus on environmental sustainability and health, to make the decisions as a business that can reassure our customers they are ethically and sustainability purchasing when they purchase our products.


We aim to go against the stream of society and short term thinking of profit at all costs no matter the environmental cost, in this way we aim to make a change to our environment, one hive at a time!


We are doing this for future generations to come, so they can enjoy a better world than we live in today and hope to inspire and challenge our customers, and other small businesses to make conscious choices and practice conscious thought patterns around sustainability. 

If you love what we do, think we can do better or have a suggestion, please click the contact us button below to share your experience with us! Your feedback as a customer allows us to change and grow to become better! 



Through using the Flow Hive technology to make our honey, this allows us to extract the honey straight from the hive without entering the hive! When the honey is extracted, there is no risk or harm that is caused to the bees, and we get to harvest different types of honey that are from all different nectar sources! So every jar of our honey is uniquely different! Our aipiaries are scattered across the Sunshine Coast to give us diversity of flavour making every jar a surprise!

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