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Honey & Goji Berries

Honey & Goji Berries


Here is our beautiful 100% Raw, Natural, Untouched, Unheated, and Untreated honey, infused with the finest Organic Goji Berries to make your taste buds buzz! We believe in leaving our honey the way our bees intend it to be and aim to produce the most ethical, sustainable, and natural honey possible, through using Flow Hive technology. We also believe that it is our responsibility as a business to make sustainable choices with the production of our honey and the products we use to infuse them with, so all of our infusions come in zero-waste packaging, keeping our world a place where our fuzzy girls will thrive! 


Enjoy our Honey & Goji Berries Infusion on top of porridge, with cereal, a bowl of yogurt, or simply on its own! No matter which way you choose to have your 'beyond' honey, you're sure to be left wanting more!  

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